There will be four venues set up for instructor and their students: a beautiful screened in dining hall, a traditional Metis wall tent with spruce branch flooring, the screened porch of a heritage cabin and an open-air council fire site. Participants will enjoy delicious home cooked meals featuring fresh fruits and vegetables from the camp’s organic gardens, as well as fresh salmon, moose meat and bison. In addition to the crafts workshops, there will be times to enjoy a picnic lunch and a swim at a nearby lake and to stroll the lovely trails of the 175-acre Soaring Spirits Camp property. Fishing enthusiasts will be rewarded at Boulder Creek and other nearby hot spots along the Skeena River where more than 5 million salmon migrate upstream every summer.

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Ever wanted to make your own moccasins, beat your own skin drum, weave a cedar bark or pine needle basket, decorate a birch bark basket with porcupine quills, or make a moose call? Now’s your chance to do it all, and more! For the first time ever the Rediscovery International Foundation is running a Native Crafts Camp at the spectacular setting of the new Soaring Spirits Camp along the Skeena River. Courses are open for selection based on a first come first served basis. They include:

Birch Bark Basketry
Mukluk and Moccasin Making
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Jeane Walker - Jim & Joyce Roberts
Moose Hair Tufting