Our “Grizzlies, Glaciers & Ghost Towns” tour will take us well off the beaten path to discover places others only dream of. It will combine exciting outdoor adventures with opportunities to relax and renew the soul during a truly transformational experience.

British Columbia and Southeast Alaska present a maze of fjords, channels, rivers, forests and glaciers with some of the most spectacular scenery in North America. Wildlife viewing in this region is unsurpassed with grizzly bears, black bear, white Kermode bear, wolves, coyotes, lynx, fox, moose, mountain goat, seals, sea lions and many species of porpoise and whales.

In addition to the rich wildlife and natural landscapes are the fascinating ghost towns and pioneer settlements that first put this region on the map. Native nations here date back much further and proudly display their clan crests through elaborately carved figures on the world’s oldest totem poles.

Soaring Spirits camp, located on the legendary Skeena River, will be the centerpiece of our tour and base camp for three nights. Surrounded by majestic mountains, and with five million wild salmon swimming past its shores, eagles soaring overhead and white ‘Spirit Bears’ grazing in nearby meadows - this is a place to truly set your soul free.

Soaring Spirits camp facilities are as inspired as the location. Large canvas wall tents with beautiful Northwest Coast house frontal designs, serve as camp accommodation. A beautiful post-and-beam dining hall, overlooking Frog Mountain, will be the warm and cozy site for wonderful meals featuring wild salmon, berries, mushrooms and endless bounty from the camp’s large organic garden. If you’re a salmon fishing fanatic, there’s no better place to be.

But the adventures offered on this trip extend well beyond the shores of the Skeena River. We will explore alpine meadows of wildflowers, one of the largest ice fields in North America, lava beds from the most recent volcanic eruption in Canada and hidden communities on the coast few people have ever seen. We will overnight in historic buildings like North Pacific - the oldest cannery on the Canada’s west coast, and we will be welcomed into the houses and communities of people who have known this place as home from the beginning of human time.

For more detail information on this wonderful boutique tour of Grizzilies, Glaciers and Ghost Towns of Northern British Columbia and Southeast Alaska, you can download the full itinerary [here].

If there is a better way to experience this Great Land, we’ve yet to hear about it!

Available for any group booking of 12 or more people. Please contact Thom Henley to reserve dates.

Cost: Cad$2,800 (Vancouver - Vancouver, B.C.)

For more information, contact Thom Henley at the following email: ThomHenley@gmail.com

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