The Summer Salmon Institute – Grizzlies & Glaciers Study Adventure is scheduled to be an annual event held at the beautiful “Soaring Spirits” Camp on the legendary Skeena River near Kitwanga, British Columbia. What better place to learn about salmon, the Northwest Coast’s most vital resource, than in one of the largest wild salmon rivers in North America where all five species of Pacific salmon are found in abundance?

The Skeena watershed boasts the largest steelhead in the world and the oldest fossils depicting the early evolution of salmon as a species. It is also a river where four distinct Native Nations – the Tsimshian, Gitksan, Wet’suwet’en and Neduten still depend on salmon as a staple in their diets.

This region is phenomenally rich in wildlife with three distinct bear types - grizzlies, black bears and the white Kermode bears. Huge glacial fields, the world’s largest granite mountain range and extensive lava beds from Canada’s most recent volcanic eruption are but a few of the geological features available for study. Ecosystems are rich and varied with temperate rainforests, interior deciduous forests, alpine meadows, sphagnum bogs, lakes, rivers, wetlands, marine estuaries, inter-tidal zones and rich marine environments - all offering wonderful opportunities for hands-on learning.

The Summer Salmon Institute is designed to get teachers and students out of the box of academia and immerse them in experiential learning. It will draw on the expertise of leading researchers in the field as well as the wisdom of native elders, conservation organizations and sport, commercial and native food fishermen. Combining fun and adventure with formal studies, it offers a rare opportunity to learn more about salmon, other cultures and the wonders of the natural world in northern British Columbia and Southeast Alaska.

For more detail information on this wonderful training program, you can download the full itinerary [here] and registration form [here]

Available for any group booking of 12 or more people. Please contact Thom Henley to reserve your dates.

Cad$3,106 (Smithers - Prince Rupert, B.C.)

For more information, contact Thom Henley at the following email:

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